How to Update a Prius Navigation System



Turn on the car and push the "Menu" button. Then touch "Map DVD" to view the current version of the navigation database. Turn off the car.


Contact a Toyota dealership to determine the current database version number and availability of new navigational database DVDs.


Purchase a new navigational DVD for the Toyota Prius either at the dealership in person or over the phone.



Locate the plastic box that contains the Prius DVD player. In most models, the DVD player is mounted under the driver's side seat.


Remove the plastic pins from the front of the cover, or squeeze the prongs together to release the front cover of the DVD case, exposing the DVD opening.


Turn the car on. Press the button to eject the outdated DVD.


Insert the new DVD. The DVD will automatically update the system with the new navigation database.


Turn off the car.

Tips and Warnings

  • The upgrade DVD costs $218.90, plus applicable sales tax, if any, as of October 2010. To order a part, talk to the parts department.
  • Contact your local Toyota dealership if you need help with the installation.
  • Hold the DVD by the edges to avoid fingerprint marks that could render the DVD. Be careful of lint or carpet fibers that may cling to the disc, causing the DVD to scratch once inserted.
  • Toyota generally updates the GPS map database for the Prius once a year. Once you purchase the newest navigational DVD from a dealership, you can update your Prius's navigation system in a matter of minutes.