The Best Way to Sell an Old Car


Know what your car is worth. Kelley Blue Book is a good tool to help you determine the cars worth based on year, make, model, engine, extras and any external flaws. Check out the local classifieds to see what similar cars are fetching. The price could go up or down based on the current economy.


Clean it up. Plan on fixing any mechanical issues (aside from the ones you intend to advertise as coming with the car.) Change the oil, wash and wax the outside and detail the inside.


Advertise in the local classifieds. Make sure you budget enough to run the ads for several weeks. Word of mouth also can be helpful. When buying an older car, some people feel more comfortable if they are acquainted with the previous owners. They feel they are more likely to get the truth when the seller is a friend.


Know your negotiating points. Determine the highest amount you think is fair and the lowest amount you would be willing to take. Try to meet the seller between those parameters.

The secondary question after making a decision to buy a new car is what to do with the old one. Although trading it in is an option, an older car is not likely to fetch much. If you would like to sell your older car yourself, there are a few things you should keep in mind to broker the best deal possible for both you and the buyer.