How to Clean the Egr Valve


Locate the EGR valve. The valve is usually located on top of the engine's intake manifold. Refer to your owner's manual for the valve's exact location.


Using a socket wrench, remove the bolts that hold the EGR valve. Once all bolts are removed, pull the EGR valve off the manifold.


Spray carburetor cleaner on the valve cover and inside the valve itself. Be careful not to spray any cleaner on any other parts or the valve housing. Clean away the loosened dirt with a rag and wire brush until the valve moves up and down smoothly and the buildup is gone.


Look for two holes under the valve mount on the engine intake manifold. Spray the cleaner into them and wipe the holes clean with a rag.


Place the EGR valve back into place on the engine intake manifold and tighten the bolts.

The exhaust gas recirculation, or EGR, valve is an important part of your car's engine. The EGR valve's job is to redirect some of the engine's exhaust into the engine's intake manifold, which cools down the air inside the engine. This helps to prevent the engine from overheating and also reduces nitrogen gas emissions. You can tell when the EGR valve may need cleaning when your car does not perform well when accelerating, or fails an emissions test during inspection. Keep the EGR valve clean to help ensure the longevity of your engine.