What Is Included in the BMW Extended Maintenance?

BMW Maintenance Program Upgrade Limits

The BMW Maintenance Program Upgrade extends the initial no-cost coverage for two years or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first). The total coverage extends to six years/100,000 miles.

Scheduled Maintenance

The BMW Extended Maintenance Program covers schedule maintenance requirements including engine oil and fluid services, brake fluid service and brake pad replacement. The scheduling of these services are commensurate with BMW factory maintenance recommendations.

Unscheduled Wear and Tear Maintenance

In addition to scheduled servicing, the BMW Maintenance Program upgrade covers normal wear and tear of additional BMW components. Brake rotors, wiper blade inserts and engine drive belts are covered for the life of the extended coverage.

Inspection Services

To cover the cost of maintenance in accordance with vehicle inspection, the BMW Maintenance Program Upgrade applies to the areas of the BMW that may require repair for passing inspection. The inspection services cover four main categories: 1) Undercarriage (includes inspection and repair/replacement of engine hoses, filters and lines. The undercarriage coverage also inspects components for wear and leaks including tire treads and brake cables). 2) Engine Compartment (includes brake, transmission, coolant, clutch and windshield wiper fluid levels. The air conditioning is checked for operation and the service indicator is reset). 3) Body/Electrical Equipment (includes dash panel instrumentation check, outside signal check, locks, windshield wiper operation, defogger, hood and trunk latches, airbag operation and battery operation). 4) Final Inspection (includes road test with transmission, brake, suspension and steering monitoring).

What Is Not Covered

The BMW Maintenance Program Upgrade does not cover repairs or replacement of components damaged in a collision. For repair of collision coverage, BMW owners will need to seek repair/replacement assistance through their third-party insurer. BMW owners have the option of purchasing an extended warranty coverage called the BMW Maintenance Program Upgrade. This package offers an extended period of coverage for maintenance of all new vehicles, including inspection services.