How to Install a Triple Gauge Pod on a 240SX


Sit in the driver's seat and look to the left at the interior panel between the windshield and the driver's window. This is the a-pillar interior panel on a 240sx, and will need to be removed. Pull the stock pillar off of the interior of the car with your hands to release the clips that hold it in place. Then put it on a clean work surface.


Set the triple gauge pod piece on top of the stock pillar so that they match up. Clamp the two pieces together using the vice grips, making sure that the two pieces are perfectly fit together.


Use the permanent marker to reach inside of the holes in the gauge pod for the gauges to mark the original panel. This is going to mark where the gauges come through the stock panel, so make these marks large. Then use the 3/16-inch drill bit and the drill to drill four holes in the corners of the gauge pod and the pillar. You want to drill through both panels, as this is how the panels will be mounted.


Unclamp the two pieces from each other by releasing the vice grips, then cut out the holes marked in Step 3 using the rotary tool. Then place the gauge pod on top of the pillar again and make sure that you have enough room for whatever gauges you want to install in them. If necessary, trim the panel more with the rotary tool.


Push the ratchet fasteners included with the pillar pod through the holes in both panels to secure the gauge panel to the pillar. Then reinstall the assembly onto the interior of the 240SX by pushing it into the stock location.

When you're rebuilding a car for performance reasons, you want to have all the gauges you need to properly monitor your engine. One popular car to tune is the 240SX because of its rear-wheel drive drivetrain as well as its drifting ability. Typically, there's not enough room to mount all of the gauges you need on the dashboard, so a lot of people prefer to mount them on a gauge pod on the front pillar, because it's easy to see and easy to do. These pods come in all sorts of sizes, but the most popular is a triple gauge pod because it maxes out the amount of gauges you can put in the space.