How to Customize a Chevy Tahoe


Equip the vehicle with an aftermarket lift kit. The average stock tire for the Tahoe is a 265/65R16, which makes a nice road tire. However, to drive on trails you will want to install larger tires with a more aggressive tread pattern. Installing a vehicle lift kit gives you the ability to install larger wheels.


Install a safari snorkel. This replaces and relocates the air filter in the Tahoe to a point that sits level with the roof of the car. This allows you to submerge the vehicle in water without the risk of flooding it through the air filter. The snorkel is necessary if you plan to travel on trails that pass through water. If water enters the engine through the air filter, you face catastrophic vehicle failure that could leave you stranded.


Protect the front end of your Tahoe by installing a brush guard. This bolts on to the existing bumper and protects the lights, grille and radiator by pushing brush and branches away from the vehicle. This is also a good time to install an electric winch. A winch can help to pull you out of a mud pit if you get stuck.


Place a survival kit in the truck. This should be kept in all vehicles that will be used for off-road activities. This kit should include flares, clothing, water and food rations. A tire kit and basic repair tools are also beneficial to have.

The Chevy Tahoe has become a sport-utility vehicle that is designed for creature comforts and family driving, placing little focus on the possibilities that its 332-horsepower, 6.0-liter V8 engine present. With a few aftermarket modifications the Tahoe can serve as a very competent, highly powered off-road vehicle capable of serious trail riding yet remain a daily driver with the comforts you enjoy.