How to Clean Jeep Plastic Fenders


Put on your safety goggles to prevent anything from getting into your eyes.


Hook up the pressure washer to a water source. Plug it in to a standard 110 volt outlet.


Spray the plastic fender behind your Jeep wheels from every angle to remove as much debris as possible.


Spray any degreaser directly onto the plastic fender. Allow it to soak for several minutes. Scrub the fender surface in a circular motion with a towel to wipe away any oil, grease or mineral stains from the road.


Spray the fender again with the pressure washer to rinse any remaining traces of debris or degreaser.

After driving, the plastic fenders on your Jeep can get quite dirty. Whether there are weather conditions occurring or driving on dry roads, the tires on your Jeep will pick up whatever is on the road and sling it against the plastic fender located between your tire and Jeep body frame. You should clean your fenders at least once a month to prevent debris buildup that can cause the plastic to deteriorate faster than it should.