How to Replace a Stereo in 1999 Volkswagen Beetle


Park the Beetle on level ground.


Place the European release keys into the slot on one of the sides of the stereo to loosen the stereo. European release keys are a set of metal keys, sold at most auto-parts stores, designed to remove stereos from European vehicles.


Place the release keys into the slot on the other side of the stereo and gently slide the stereo out from the Beetle.


Pull to detach the wiring and aerial (a small black component) located at the back of the stereo, in order to completely detach the stereo from the Volkswagen's center console.


Repeat the steps in reverse in order to install the new stereo.

The Volkswagen Beetle is a distinctive, compact, three-door hatchback that is also available as a convertible. The stereo of the 1999 Volkswagen Beetle is located at the center console. To increase its performance and the quality of sound, replace the stock stereo with an aftermarket one. This may be required, too, when the stereo does not work properly or is irretrievably broken.