How to Program a 2000 Ford Crown Vic Remote


Put the key into the ignition and turn it from "OFF" to "ON" and back four times within three seconds. Leave the key in the "ON" position after the final cycle. Listen for the door locks to engage.


Press any button on the keyless entry transmitter. Press a button on every transmitter you want programmed for your Crown Victoria.


Turn the ignition key to the "OFF" position. Test all of the remotes to be sure they programmed and are functioning properly.

The 2000 Ford Crown Victoria comes equipped with a factory keyless entry remote system that allows you to control your door locks with the touch of a button. If you lose your keyless entry transmitter or it is broken, you can order a replacement or additional transmitter from the dealership. Program the remote at home for a significant savings over the cost of a service center visit.