Special Motorcycle Tools

Motorcycles, though they have similar components to cars, also have parts and pieces that are totally unique. Anyone who fixes, builds or customizes motorcycles needs to have the right tools on hand. Some of these tools are specific to the make of bike and the country it comes from.

Work Table

One tool that's specifically made for motorcycles is a motorcycle work table. This long, bench-like structure clamps the bike in place and makes it possible for the mechanic to work on it without lying on the ground or putting himself in other awkward positions to get his hands and tools into the workings of the bike. These work tables may need to be bolted to the floor for stability, so it's important that you have clear access to the work area so you can wheel the motorcycle onto it and clamp it into place.

Battery Tools

A motorcycle has a battery to create the necessary spark just like an automobile does. However, the battery on a motorcycle is significantly smaller than the batteries found on cars and motorcycle batteries require their own tools. You need to have different battery meters, different battery chargers and different sets of spark plugs to make the battery work properly with the motorcycle's engine. You can't just take a tool meant for a 4-by-4 pickup and then turn around and use it on a much smaller, differently made machine after all.

Brake Rod Adjustment Wrench

Different motorcycle manufacturers use different designs and different parts to make their machines unique and to be sure that the parts can't be too easily switched around. This may create brand loyalty, but it also means you may need specialty tools to work on certain parts of the machine. Harley Davidson motorcycles, for instance, require a special, Harley brand brade rod adjustment wrench. If there's too much pressure on the rod, or too little, then you have to have this tool to alter it properly.