How to Adjust Dirt Bike Spokes


Sit behind the wheel you want to adjust so it is right between your legs. Spin the wheel until the valve stem is in front of you.


Put the torque spoke wrench around the first spoke on the left side of the wheel after the valve stem. This will be referred to as the outer side of the wheel.


Adjust the spoke to the right until the wrench clicks and feels tight against the spoke. This means the spoke has reached its proper capacity.


Move to the spoke away from the valve stem on the outer side of the wheel. There should be one spoke on the inner side between the first spoke you tightened and the one you have moved to.


Tighten this spoke in the same way and continue along the outer side of the wheel until you reach the valve stem again. You should be skipping one inner side spoke between each outer side spoke.


Move to the inner side of the wheel and start tightening the spokes after the valve stem. You will skip one outer spoke by tightening only the inner spokes.


Make another circuit around the outer followed by the inner side of the wheel if the spokes still feel loose after the first pass.

Tips and Warnings

  • If your valve stem is not noticeable, you can wrap a string around the spoke you started on so you will know when you reach the end of the circuit.
  • If any of the spokes don't budge or won't stop turning even after several tightening circuits, you should take your wheel in for spoke servicing.
  • Spokes on a wheel are a series of thin rods that run from the central part of the wheel outward to support the surface of the outer wheel circumference. The spokes are key to maintaining the integrity of the wheel's shape and continuity, which keep the wheel running smoothly. On a dirt bike wheel, these spokes need to be adjusted before every ride to maintain their tension and keep them in the correct position. By adjusting your spokes frequently, you can help avoid accidents and unreliable riding.