How to Replace an Avalon Air Conditioner Filter


Buy a new air conditioning filter for your Avalon. The filter for the 2000 to 2005 Avalon may be different from the filter in the 2005 to 2010 model, so be sure you get the right filter based on your model year. You can order the filter from your Toyota dealer or from a auto parts store.


Remove the papers, books, or other items from the Avalon's glovebox. Support the bottom part of the glovebox door with one hand; with the other hand, remove the screw located on the right-side glovebox hinge.


Lower the glovebox slowly with your hand. Be careful not to let it drop down too quickly; this could damage the plastic hinges.


Look behind the glovebox area. There is a white panel; this is the filter storage compartment. Move the wire to the side if necessary, and push the compartment tabs inward to unlock the the panel. Slide it out to view the air conditioner filter.


Remove the old air conditioner filter from the compartment. Squeeze the sides inward to help remove it. Lay the new air conditioner filter inside. Push down the corners.


Insert the filter compartment back into the slot. Push it to lock the tabs back. Lift the glovebox to its usual position. Support the bottom with one hand; tighten the screw with the other hand. Close the glovebox door.

Toyota's large sedan, the Avalon, comes standard with an air conditioning filter for models after 2000. This filter may also be referred to as a cabin air filter, or as a air microfilter. The filter is essential to the operation of your air conditioner; when it becomes too clogged to captured dust and dirt, the air conditioner may not work as well. Install a new filter every year, or every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. The filter changing process takes less than 15 minutes.