How to Remove a Fuel Filter From a Ford Expedition


Park your Ford Expedition in a safe place with a level surface and open the hood.


Disconnect the black, negative battery cable and remove the cover from the fuel supply manifold on top of the engine.


Locate the test port or Schrader valve-similar to an air valve on a bicycle tire-on the fuel supply line near the first fuel injector. Depress the stem inside the valve using a small screwdriver. Wrap a shop rag around the valve to catch the squirt of fuel. Reinstall the fuel manifold cover.


Lift the rear, driver side of the Expedition using a floor jack and safely support it on a jack stand.


Locate the fuel filter underneath the vehicle near the rear door, driver side. On most models, you will see a plastic cover-about ten inches long-between the frame rail and the fuel tank. Remove the cover by inserting a flathead screwdriver along the cover tab and rotating the screwdriver.


Disconnect the fuel lines at both ends of the fuel filter by pressing the lock tabs with your fingers and pulling the lines off the filter. You might want to have a shop rag handy to catch the fuel remaining in the lines and filter.


Lift the old filter off its mounting bracket and set the new fuel filter in place, making sure the arrow on the side of the filter case points towards the front of the vehicle; then, install the fuel lines on both ends of the filter by pushing the lines against the filter fittings.


Replace the fuel filter cover and lower the vehicle. Connect the black, negative battery cable; start the engine and check for leaks.

Tips and Warnings

  • When working on the fuel system of your vehicle, do not allow smoking near or around the car and park away from appliances with open flames like water heaters and dryers to avoid a possible accident.
  • Removing and installing a new fuel filter on your Ford Expedition is simple. However, you have to take safety precautions since the fuel system is under pressure. If you will be working inside your home garage, make sure the room is well ventilated and you are not close to appliances with open flames like gas-powered dryers and water heaters. The following steps apply to the 2004 Ford Expedition, but other models are very similar.