How to Put on Windshield Wipers


Locate the hook on the center of the new wiper blade. This is a U-shaped hook that slides into the wiper arm.


Orient the wiper blade so that the bottom of the U fits into the opening of the U on the wiper arm.


Slide the wiper blade on until you hear a click. At this point, the wiper blade will be secure. Some blades do not click.


Lower the wiper blade to the windshield and check the tension on the wiper blade arm to make sure the wiper blade is snug against the windshield.


Turn on the windshield wipers to verify the wipers are working properly.

There are different levels of quality when it comes to wiper blades. Thicker rubber compound will last longer, but will cost you more money initially. Over time, even the best wiper blades need to be replaced. Windshield wipers help to improve visibility by clearing off water, mud and other debris from your windshield so it may be worth it to buy the best wiper blades you can afford when it's time to replace them.