Blue Ox Tow Bar Instructions


Line up the mounting holes on each of the two tow bar arms with the mounting holes on the base plate on the front of the towed vehicle. Insert the ½-inch pins that came with the tow bar into the holes to secure the tow bar to the vehicle. Insert the locking pins in the small holes on the end of the ½-inch pins to hold them in place.


Slide the coupler at the end of the tow bar arms until it is centered with the front of the towed vehicle. Tighten the four tow bar arm retaining bolts (two per arm) with an adjustable wrench.


Line up the vehicle to be towed directly behind the towing vehicle on a level parking area and set the parking brake. Use a helper if necessary and back up the first vehicle so that its hitch ball is directly under the coupler on the tow bar. Set the parking brake of the towing vehicle. Lower the coupler onto the hitch ball until it is fully seated.


Tighten the adjusting nut on the underside of the tow bar coupler with a ¾-inch wrench to secure the tow bar coupler to the hitch of the towing vehicle.


Hook the tow bar safety cables or chains into the hooks provided on the base plate of the vehicle to be towed. Cross the cables or chains in an "X" under the tow bar and connect them to the hooks on the hitch of the towing vehicle.


Push the wiring harness connector from the tow bar to the trailer light receptacle on the rear of the towing vehicle (near the trailer hitch) until it is fully seated.


Tighten all bolts and nuts on the tow bar periodically while traveling.

Tips and Warnings

  • Blue Ox tow bars are designed to be used with a base plate that is available for most vehicles. The base plate attaches solidly to the front of the vehicle and gives the tow bar a sturdy place to attach. A base plate can be purchased from Blue Ox. Follow the mounting instructions for your particular vehicle.
  • Do not attempt back up while using a tow bar. Park in a pull-through parking spot when stopping, otherwise the vehicles must be detached from each other until the backing maneuver is completed.
  • Blue Ox Products of Pender, Nebraska, offers a line of tow bars designed to attach a vehicle to the rear of another for towing. For instance, a tow bar allows you to bring your car with you when you travel in your motor home. Learn how to correctly use a tow bar to keep from damaging the towed vehicle.