Car Show Raffle Ideas

Sponsored Items

A large car show may have many sponsors to help pay for advertising. These sponsors may be willing to donate a few small things to raffle off or one large item. Visit a local auto parts store and ask the manager to help you promote your show in return for some free advertisement. The auto parts store may donate a big ticket item, such as a floor jack, or they may be willing to give you a gift card worth a sizable amount of money. In return, you can advertise the business on your flyers and brochures along with the item to be raffled. When sponsors are willing to donate large items to be raffled, make sure the product is as generic as possible so that more people will be interested. A large bucket filled with high-end cleaning, polishing and detail products would be a hit among car show enthusiasts. On products such as these, you can sell an unlimited amount of the raffle tickets. Be sure the raffle tickets are reasonably priced and offer deals for purchasing in large quantities. For example, if the tickets are being sold for a dollar each, offer the buyer six tickets for $5.

Limited Ticket Items

Larger budgeted car shows may be able to raffle off a very expensive item. This could be a classic car that is already restored, or one that needs to be restored, but is in fairly good condition. You may be able to get an auto restoration business to donate such a vehicle, or you may need to purchase the car from your car show budget. When you raffle off an item like this, each ticket will sell for a substantial amount. Only sell a limited amount of these tickets, and be sure to advertise that fact. People will be willing to pay a higher dollar amount for a ticket if they know there is to be only a small amount of tickets sold. Be sure to do the math to decide on the ticket price. If you spent $1,000 on the car, you need to sell 100 tickets at $10 each to break even. Raise your ticket amount to $15 or $20 each and sell only 100 tickets, if you plan to make a profit. Check with local high schools and colleges that have auto shop training. Schools may be willing to have their students rebuild the car for your raffle. Have the local newspaper do an article pertaining to the school rebuilding the car that is to be raffled off. This is great public relations for the school and the car show.

Donated Items

People love raffles, so don't be afraid to do several mini raffles during the car show. Get local stores, businesses and car club members to donate less substantial items. This could be anything, depending on the business or person donating it. Large coolers, outdoor grills and even lawn chairs are something car show enthusiasts will buy tickets on. Display all of your raffle items at the main entry of the car show and have helpers tend to each item being raffled. Sell these tickets right up until the appointed time to draw the winner. Make sure you have clearly advertised when each mini raffle will be awarded. Most car shows include various raffles of one kind or another. The items raffled can be small or they can be large, expensive items. A lot depends on how large the car show is and how well sponsored the event is. The car show organizers may have a small budget to host the show, and will have to adjust their raffle items accordingly. Figuring out the budget for raffle items is the first step to holding a successful car show raffle.