Honda Accord Satellite Radio Installation


Peel the plastic protective cover from the satellite radio receiver antenna to reveal a magnetic antenna and adhesive cable coming from the antenna.


Place the satellite radio antenna on the roof of the Accord, no less than three inches from the rear windshield. Make sure the wiring from the antenna is directed toward the rear window.


Lay the antenna wiring along the gaps between the window and the roof of the Honda. Use a trim panel removal tool to force the antenna gently into the crease around the window.


Open the Accord's trunk.


Lay the wire from the top center of the rear window toward the side of the window. Route the wire down the window and into the trunk at the point where the window and the trunk opening meet.


Feed the antenna wire from the trunk area through the rear fold-down seat and into the main cabin of the Honda.


Route the wire beneath the carpeting in the rear seat area to the front of the vehicle. Use the trim panel removal tool to lift the carpeting at the edge of the door openings to lay the wiring beneath it.


Plug the signal cable into the outlet on the side of the satellite radio receiver and then into the AUX input on the face of the Honda stereo.


Plug the power supply cable into the receiver and plug the adapter lead into the cigarette lighter below the stereo assembly.

Tips and Warnings

  • Contact the satellite radio service provider to activate your service.
  • There are Honda Accords that come equipped with a satellite radio as a factory option. For Accord owners who chose to pass on the upgrade, or purchased their Honda before the option was available, you can still enjoy satellite radio in your vehicle. The most important concern in installing a satellite receiver is the position of the antenna. Placing the antenna in a location that will provide optimum reception is key. Once you have determined the best location, the rest of the installation is simple enough for a car audio novice to pull off.