How Is a Hummer Built?

Box Frame

Construction of the Hummer begins with the box frame. This serves as a skeleton of sorts for the vehicle, which the body and other components will be built onto. The box frame of the Hummer itself is heavily based on the HMMWV, or "Humvee," a military vehicle. Because of this, the box frame is much heavier than other typical box frames. The frame is made of several steel bars and tubes, welded together at an intense heat to ensure a strong bond. Sometimes these bars will be hollowed out and filled with some kind of shock absorbent insulation to protect the passengers of the vehicle in case of an accident.


The body of the Hummer lays over the box frame and creates the skin of the vehicle. Included in the body of the Hummer are the access points: doors, engine hood, trunk opening, which like the rest of the body are made out of a lightweight but durable aluminum alloy. Every Hummer body is silver in color as it is assembled; it is painted near the end of the vehicle assembly. The Hummer body itself is similar in design to that of the HMMWV, with the biggest difference being the rounded edges that help to give the Hummer a less imposing appearance. Tires, the windshield and other windows, all technically parts of the vehicle body, are also installed at a later time.

Wiring & Internal Construction

With the vehicle body completed, the Hummer is then laid with wiring from front to back. These wires control everything from the rear taillights to the internal lighting to the speedometer and gas gauge. All the wires ultimately feed to the front of the vehicle to await their connection with the engine, which is installed last.

The inside of the vehicle is also put together at this time, with the interior paneling for the doors and roof done at this time. The dashboard is installed last, so as to give the electricians easy access to the wiring during the final phase of construction.


The last major step in constructing a Hummer is the installation of the engine. Because of the larger size of the Hummer, the engine installed is a heavy-duty diesel engine that, in some respects, rivals those of the military vehicles the Hummer is based on. Before the vehicle rolls off the line, mechanics lower the engine into the engine hold of the Hummer and make sure that all the tubes, pipes and belts are in proper working order. At the same time electricians connect the wiring from throughout the car into the fuse box, which is then connected to the engine and battery cables.