How do I Program Remote Entry for a 2000 Chevrolet Impala?


Insert your key and turn the ignition to "Acc." Don't start the engine.


Push and hold down the "Disp" button on the radio. Release the button when the radio shows "Settings."


Press "Seek Up" repeatedly to toggle through the menu. Stop when the screen shows "Fob Prog."


Press "Next" and make sure you have your remote handy. Press "Disp" to begin the programming sequence.


Push and hold down "Unlock" and "Lock" together on the remote as soon as the screen shows "Push Fob." Hold the buttons down until you hear a chime.


Press "Seek Up" until your see "Exit." Press "Disp" to exit the menu.


Repeat these steps for any additional remotes that you wish to program.

The 2000 Chevrolet Impala has a driver-information center built into the factory radio. You'll use the factory radio to program a keyless remote to the vehicle. If your Impala has an aftermarket radio, you'll not be able to program a remote to the vehicle; the keyless-entry module is within the radio. Consider purchasing an aftermarket keyless-entry system if your Impala doesn't have the factory radio and you'd like to program a remote.