How to Convert an Old Ford Antenna for a New Ford Radio


Purchase a "Ford OEM radio male to Motorola antenna female" adapter. These are available at car audio retailers. is a good source for this item, and the sales staff there can help you make sure you purchase the correct adapter.


Plug the female Motorola plug end of the adapter into the male plug at the end of the antenna's cable. Simply push the plugs together until you've made a firm connection.


Plug the Ford plug end of the adapter into the antenna jack on the back of your Ford radio. Push the plug in firmly until it won't go in any further.

Antennas on Ford vehicles prior to 1995 used a universal plug known as a Motorola-style plug. Subsequent Ford vehicles have switched to a proprietary plug that can be used only with Ford radios. If you have a pre-1995 Ford vehicle antenna that you'd like to connect to a 1995 or later Ford radio, you can accomplish that task easily with the correct equipment.