How to Tint a Ford Focus


Prepare the glass for the tint film by spraying and wiping the inside of the glass with a lint-free towel. Do not use ammonia-based cleaners, as they will dissolve the glue that holds the film to the glass. The Focus has five windows that will need cleaning: the two door windows, the rear side glass and the hatch. Allow the glass to dry completely.


Cut a sheet of tint film slightly larger than the size of one window (you should work one at a time) with a razor blade. The section of tint film should be an inch larger on all sides than the window.


Spray the window with a liberal amount of distilled water. Dab up any excess drippings with a towel.


Peel the clear plastic backing from the section of tint film and quickly apply the glue side to the wet window. Arrange the film to fit the shape of the window, spraying water if it starts to dry out.


Push out the air bubbles with the squeegee from the center of the film outward to the edge. Spray more water if necessary.


Slice the edges off the tint film as close to the edge of the glass as possible with the razor blade. The finer this edge, the more professional the tint job will look. Lower retractable windows about a half inch to zip the top of the film very closely, then allow the tint to dry and roll the window up to trim the bottom edge. This will ensure that there is not a gap on the top edge of the window. Stationary windows are not as difficult.


Repeat the process of applying tint film to the remaining glass, using steps 2 through 6.

Tips and Warnings

  • The rear hatch glass may have defroster wires running through it. Squeegee this window horizontally to press out the air.
  • Do not lift the tint film and try to "start over," as this will leave the layer of glue and the tint will be ruined.
  • Applying window tint film to the glass of a Ford Focus can reduce the interior temperature and buffer glare. The proper application of the film requires a clean glass surface, a squeegee for pushing out the air bubbles and a razor blade to make the precision cuts necessary for a professional look. The average backyard tint technician can apply film to the five tintable windows in a Focus in about an hour.