Installation Instructions for Polaris Sportsman Coil Spring Spacers


Park your Sportsman on a level surface and apply the parking brake.


Loosen the lug-nuts from both front tires. Do not remove them at this time.


Place a hydraulic jack under the Sportsman. Refer to your owners manual if you are unsure where the jack should be placed. Lift the Sportsman using the jack enough to remove the tires.


Remove the lug-nuts with a lug-nut wrench and remove the tire.


Loosen the bolt on top of the strut using a ratchet and socket.


Remove the two bolts securing the brake caliper to the rotor using a ratchet and socket. Remove the brake caliper by pulling it off the rotor using your hands. Tie the brake caliper to the frame using wire-ties. Never let the caliper hang by the brake hose as this will damage the brake hose.


Make note of the washer used on the tie rod before removing it with a ratchet and socket.


Remove the ball joint nut using a ratchet and socket. Strike the metal plate near the ball joint with a hammer separate the ball joint from the control arm. Do not use a pickle fork to remove the ball joint as this may damage the ball joint.


Remove the lower bolt on the strut using a ratchet and socket. Slide the strut housing off of the strut.


Insert the new aluminum spacer over the strut. Place the strut back into the strut housing. Install the lower strut bolt and tighten using a ratchet and socket.


Repeat steps 8 through 5 in the reverse order.


Repeat this process on the opposite side of the Sportsman. Replace the tires and lower the Sportsman to the ground.

Installing a set of coil spacers on your Polaris Sportsman will increase the off-road performance of your ATV. By installing coil spacers you can add larger tires and increase ground clearance. Coil spacers are installed on the coil spring and raise the height of the ATV. These spring spacers are usually one to two inches thick and made from aluminum. Coil spacers are only made for the front of the Sportsman, you must replace the rear coil springs.