Ohio Motorcycle Dealer License Requirements

In Ohio, a license or permit is required to sell motorcycles. The dealer licensing section of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) issues motorcycle dealership permits and all other vehicle dealership permits. The specific motorcycle dealer permit requirements depend on whether a dealership is selling new or used motorcycles.

Dealership Physical Requirements

All new and used motorcycle dealerships are required to have enough space to display and repair at least one motorcycle. The dealer must post a permanent sign on site with the complete business name in letters at least six inches high. The dealer must include photographs of the dealership's physical location including the lot, business sign, and office. A used motorcycle dealership is also required to have a lot of at least 3,500 square feet not including driveways. The used motorcycle dealership must have a permanent office space of at least 180 square feet with at least one desk, three chairs, filing cabinets, telephone service, and sufficient heating and lighting.

Application Form

Both new and used motorcycle dealers must submit a completed, signed, and notarized Form BMV 4320, Application to Deal in Motor Vehicles, to the dealer licensing section of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Financial Statement

Used and new motorcycle dealers must present financial statements showing a net worth of at least $75,000.

Criminal History

Ohio resident motorcycle dealers must have their fingerprints electronically scanned and forwarded to the dealer licensing section of the BMV. Out-of-state dealer applicants have the option of having a Civilian Identification Card with fingerprints completed by any local police department; the dealer should submit the completed card to the Ohio BMV. The BMV may deny a new or used motorcycle dealership permit request if the dealer has any felony convictions after December 7, 1986 or has any misdemeanor convictions relating to the sale of motor vehicles.

Manufacturer/Distributor Agreement

New motorcycle dealers must submit a completed Form BMV 4319, the Manufacturer/Distributor Statement of Contract, for each motorcycle make they intend to sell.

Master License Plate

All Ohio motorcycle dealers are required to purchase at least one master dealer license plate.

On-site Inspections

A BMV investigator will conduct an on-site inspection of both new and used motorcycle dealership before issuance of a dealership permit. Additionally, after the BMV issues a motorcycle dealership permit, the dealership is subject to random on-site inspections to ensure maintained compliance with all permit requirements.


As of 2010, the new and used motorcycle dealership permit fee is $50. The master dealer license plate fee is $50.25. The fee for each additional dealer license plates is $10.25. The postage fee to cover the cost of mailing license plates is $2.75.