What Is the Purpose of a Rear Spoiler?


A rear spoiler is designed to reduce air movement across the body of a vehicle in motion. This lets the vehicle pick up more speed. A spoiler also serves a beautification role, giving the vehicle a sleeker, sportier appearance.


Although rear spoilers are popular, there are other types of spoilers for vehicles. These include front or lip spoilers, which are installed at the sides of the bottom front and back of vehicles. They are meant to reduce air underneath the vehicle to inhibit aerodynamic lift.


Spoilers are commonly made of fiberglass, ABS plastic, or carbon fiber. These materials are used for durability.


Automakers install rear spoilers on vehicles, though you can buy aftermarket ones from car-accessory manufacturers. In such instances, you would need to know the factory color code for your vehicle to have the rear spoiler match.


Because of their aerodynamic and aesthetic value, spoilers are widely used in racing and high-performance sports cars. A rear spoiler is an aerodynamic accessory for cars and trucks. It usually can be spotted on the trunk of vehicles, particularly sports-oriented ones. Rear spoilers serve both aesthetic and performance purposes.