How to Customize Car Seats


Vacuum your car seats thoroughly and use a steam cleaner if necessary to remove grime or stains. Leave steam-cleaned seats to fully dry before painting.


Tape off the surrounding areas with masking tape and plastic. Don't fret too much about getting paint on other surfaces as the spray cans emit a narrow spread of spray and the paint is easily wiped away from hard surfaces. Cardboard can also be used to block off areas while painting.


Spray in slow, even, back-and-forth motions, holding the can 5 to 8 inches from the surface. Be sure to get into grooves and crevices.


Stop periodically to massage the paint into the upholstery with your hand. Upholstery paint is easily washed from your hands. Have a wet rag available to clean any paint that gets onto unwanted surfaces. Clean these splatters as they happen.


Leave the paint to air dry overnight. Add a second coat if necessary to enrich or even out the color.

Tips and Warnings

  • Work in a well-ventilated area to keep from breathing in spray paint fumes.
  • If you dislike the color of your car seats or if they are faded or outdated, customize the color with upholstery spray paint. Upholstery spray paint comes in a wide range of colors and is easy to apply without having to remove your car seats from your car. Upholstery spray paint works like a dye, penetrating rather than coating the surface. It is resistant to fading from the sun, dries soft, and will not rub off once dry. Properly clean your car seats before painting to ensure proper adhesion of the paint.