Installation for Dodge Truck Fog Lights


Open the hood of your Dodge and locate the negative battery cable on the battery. Disconnect the retaining bolt with a wrench and remove the cable from the battery terminal.


Locate the fog lamp assembly from backside of the front bumper, working from underneath the truck. Disconnect the wiring harness connector by depressing the locking tab and pulling it of the base of the bump.


Grasp the bulb by the base and turn it counterclockwise to release the bulb from the fog-light assembly. Pull it straight out of the assembly and discard the old bulb.


Insert the new bulb into the back of the fog-light assembly, being careful not to handle the glass portion of the bulb. Oil from your hands will cause halogen bulbs to overheat and fail prematurely, so always handle halogen bulbs by the base. Turn the bulb clockwise to lock it into the fog-light assembly and plug the wiring-harness connector onto it.


Push the wiring-harness connector onto the bulb until you feel the locking tab snap in place. Move to the opposite light and repeat the process to change the second bulb.


Connect the negative battery cable to the negative battery terminal, then install the retaining bolt. Tighten the bolt with a wrench and close the hood of your Dodge.


Test the fog lights by turning on the fog-lamp switch inside the cab of the truck. Ensure they are working correctly.

The Dodge Ram pickup has a factory installed fog-light set in the lower portion of the front bumper. The fog lights use a 9006 halogen bulb in a composite assembly to illuminate more of the road in front of your truck. These bulbs are rated at 55 watts and are as bright as many high-beam headlights offered in cars today. The addition of these lights can greatly improve your visibility on dark roads or in bad weather.