How to Set Off the Alarm in a Ford Windstar


Open the door. If you enable the alarm without locking the door, you can open the door to set off the vehicle's alarm.


Break the glass. This is not something you necessarily want to test on purpose, but it will trip the Windstar's glass-break sensor, setting off the alarm.


Unlock the vehicle with the alarm activated. You can try to unlock the vehicle while the alarm is activated, and it will set off the alarm.


Bump or hit the vehicle. The Windstar's proximity sensor can be tripped if you hit the vehicle's body hard enough. If the sensitivity is set low enough, you may only need to tap it to set the alarm off.


Make a loud noise. A loud enough noise (i.e. yelling or banging on the ground) can trigger the alarm, which is meant to be tripped by vibration of other vehicles or by someone trying to move the vehicle while the alarm is activated.

The car alarm on a Ford Windstar is a sophisticated system that includes a valet option to allow others to drive or park your vehicle. To test the system, you may need to set it off a few times. There are a number of ways to do this.