How to Make a Lip Kit


Get the double sided tape and apply it to the shorter end of the garage door seal. Leave the cover on the tape on the side that's not stuck to the seal on for now.


Thoroughly clean the bottom of your front bumper so that it's spotless. Any dirt or grease will hinder the adhesion of the tape.


Pull the some of the cover off of your homemade lip bit by bit as you apply it to the bottom of the front bumper. Make sure you line up the edge of the lip with the edge of the bumper.


Once attached cut the excess of your lip kit kit off with a box cutter and a straight edge such as a ruler or anything else that has a straight edge.

Tips and Warnings

  • Some have been known to put screws into their bumper to make sure the lip does not fall off.
  • Whether joking or serious this is the easiest way to make a home made lip kit also known as the "home depot lip kit" by numerous forums due to the origin of the parts needed to construct it. It's inexpensive, quick and easy to do and whatever the intention, enjoyable.