Can You Put Low Profile Tires on a Jaguar?

What are Low Profile Tires?

A tire's profile refers to the amount of sidewall in relation to the overall diameter. Fitting a lower profile tire to an existing wheel will make the outer diameter of the wheel and tire package smaller.

What is Involved?

Installing low profile tires on a Jaguar is a relatively straightforward task. The tires can be purchased from a local tire store or ordered online. The proper way to install low profile tires is to replace the original wheels with larger wheels as well, though this obviously makes the whole process more expensive.

How Much Do They Cost?

The prices of low profile tires vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and the tire's functions. Specially designed, high performance low profile tires can cost several hundred dollars apiece; inexpensive tires may cost as little as $100 apiece.

Benefits of Low Profile Tires

When combined with a larger wheel, low profile tires can make a car look more sporty because there is more wheel and less tire visible in the wheel arch. A low profile tire can also improve handling and responsiveness since the tire will generally have a stiffer sidewall, resulting in quicker reactions and sharper steering.

Potential Problems

Most Jaguars are designed with suspensions that promote comfort and isolate occupants from bumps and other road imperfections. A normal Jaguar tire may have a tall sidewall to make the ride smoother and more refined. A low profile tire, on the other hand, will transmit more of the road to the car and won't be as comfortable. Low-profile tires may also not look as good. Jaguar is one of history's most well-known British car manufacturers. The cars are highly prized for their refined luxury, understated but elegant styling and smooth, powerful engines. Some Jaguar models, particularly the high performance versions, already come with low-profile tires. Like any car, low profile tires can be fitted to a Jaguar.