What Is the Best Way to Wash & Clean a Toyota Prius Air Filter?


Turn the car's power switch to "OFF".


Open the glove box. On the right-hand side of the open glove box is a catch-and-release mechanism. Disconnect the hook on the mechanism.


Lift up on the glove box and pull out to remove the glove box from the car.


Locate the filter case, which is a rectangular case behind where the glove box was positioned. Pull the case out.


Pull up on the filter to remove from the filter case. Wash the filter with clean water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid and scrub gently with a cleaning sponge. Do not tear the filter.


Rinse well until the water runs clear. Set the filter aside until completely dry.


Place the filter back into the case when dry. Put the filter case back into the car and replace the glove box.


Replace the filter with a new filter if torn, damaged or excessively dirty.

The Toyota Prius is a hybrid car that offers an electronic throttle control system as well as an electronic ignition system. The Prius offers an advanced technology partial zero emission rating and an electric motor and is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to standard cars. The Prius requires some basic care and maintenance, as do all cars, such as standard oil changes. As a hybrid vehicle, the car requires additional maintenance. For instance, the air filter in the Prius should be removed and cleaned on a periodic basis.