How Do I Remove GL 1500 Saddlebags?


Remove the four screws from the the bottom of the trunk pack with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the lower trunk cover off the trunk pack, pulling the cover's grooves out of the tabs on the bottom of the trunk pack.


Open the trunk pack and locate the saddlebag opening mechanism near the trunk's lock assembly. Pull both opener cables off the saddlebag opening mechanism. Locate the tail and brake light wiring connectors in the trunk pack. Unplug the connectors from the motorcycle's wiring harness.


Pull the bolt covers off the saddlebags' lower trim cover. Remove the trim cover's mounting bolts with a Phillips screwdriver and pull the trim away from the saddlebags.


Remove the bolts and washers from the inside of the left saddlebag with an Allen key. Pull the saddlebag away from the motorcycle.


Disconnect the air suspension's out valve from the right saddlebag with a socket wrench before repeating the preceding steps to remove the right saddlebag.

Many of the various maintenance and repair tasks on the rear wheel, suspension and frame of a Honda GL1500 Goldwing require the removal of the motorcycle's hard saddlebags. The saddlebags' mounting hardware is concealed, making the removal process appear much more difficult than it really is. Only a few tools are needed for the job, but set aside at least 30 minutes to complete the task without rushing.