How do I Install Window Visors on an Integra?


Place the visor over each door as a test fit to make certain it is the correct size. Do not expose the double tape when doing this.


Wipe the top of the door, just above where the window meets it, with rubbing alcohol and a rag until it is clean.


Expose the double-sided tape and stick it to the area you just cleaned.


Press the visor against the door until it is firmly stuck to the frame.


Repeat Steps 2 through 4 for the rest of the doors.

Window visors are designed to allow you to keep the windows slightly rolled down on your Acura Integra despite the weather. The visors provide a cover over the top few inches of the window so that you can get air circulation but keep out rain or snow. Depending on the style of Integra you have, you may need a visor kit for a 2- or 4-door. Installation is a fairly easy process.