How to Build a Custom Harley Davidson

Get Ready to Work


Do your research. There are many books available as well as plenty of online communities and resources for those looking to build their own Harley Davidson motorcycles. This will help your project go smoother, and provide a support base if you have any problems.


Figure out whether you'd like to work from a kit or build your Harley Davidson motorcycle from scratch. There are many kits out there that come with preselected parts to help make the process easier.


Find your parts. If you plan to make your Harley out of vintage parts you may have trouble finding them. Local shops can help you order custom parts, or look online for websites dedicated specifically to the Harley Davidson.

Build Your Harley


Assemble and paint the parts. The motor should be painted first. Take the frame and set the tranny and oil tank in place. Then, check the ride and make sure everything feels right.


Create a support brace so that, during the next step, the bolt holes for the motor and transmission will stay aligned. This is worth the time to do, as even a small misalignment can destroy your motor.


Make sure the rear fender is set in place.


Cut off the neck of the bike to raise it to the desired height. Next, cut off the backbone and extend that as well.


Attach a template backbone and risers to check the angle of the rake. At this point, you may need to use a torch to bend the front of the frame to line up.


Weld brackets in place for the license plate frame and add the taillight then secure the gas tank into place.


Finish the final backbone to replace the template backbone and weld it into place. Do the same with the neck.

Add the Finishing Touches


Apply the last touches, such as the neck braces and bearings and polish your bike up. Set the motor in place inside cover.


Attach the seat and wire the harness. Make sure you solder the ends. Install the battery as well.


Install the brakes and you're good to go, but make sure you check everything over one last time.

Harley Davidson motorcycles are famous for their design and sound, but some bikers prefer to build their own. Building your own Harley isn't for everyone, but for those who'd like to give it a try, the steps below will help you along.