How to Change the Handlebars on a Honda Rebel


Slide the grips off your handlebars. You can remove the left grip and right throttle grip by simply grabbing them and pulling them off the handlebars. You may have to rock the grips while pulling in order to break the suction seal before they will come off.


Use the screwdriver to loosen the clamp holding the brake lever to the handlebars. The small screw is underneath the clamp band. Pull the brake lever off.


Pry the covers off the Allen bolts holding the handlebars in place. The Allen bolts are set in a plate in the center of the handlebars, near the gas tank.


Use the Allen wrench to loosen the bolts in the holding plate. The plate is made of two halves that are held together by the pressure of the bolts and locking the handlebars in place between them. The two plates will separate, and you can slide the handlebars out from between them.


Insert your new handles between the plates, and tighten the Allen bolts. Reverse the rest of these steps to complete the installation.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you are replacing your stock handlebars with a radically different design, you may also need to change the brake cable and throttle cable to accommodate the new reach needed. The cables are easy to change. They both use a hand screw nut and a molded stop on the cable to hold them into the handle controls. Undo those. Then unscrew the opposite end that feeds into the brake or engine, and install the new cables.
  • If you think you have the Allen bolts tightened enough to hold your new handlebars, tighten them even more. A handlebar that comes loose and rolls while riding can cause you to lose control of the bike.
  • Once you get used to riding your Honda Rebel motorcycle, you'll find that you will want to change certain stock items to make your ride a unique fit to your style. One of the nicest things about the Rebel is the simplicity with which it is designed. Changing something like the handlebars, which will dramatically affect the look and feel of your Rebel, is easier than on other motorcycles that have loaded their bars with gauges. You can change the handlebars on a Honda Rebel in one afternoon.