How to Change the Window Wiper on a Car

How to Change the Window Wiper on a Car


Gently pull the wiper arm away from the windshield until it stays in the extended position.


Locate the metal catch on the end of the wiper blade. Squeeze it from both sides to release it, and pull the blade straight out of the end of the wiper arm.


Orient yourself with the replacement blade. Slide the replacement blade into the wiper arm, gently pulling and guiding the starter end all the way through. Pay close attention to ensure that the blade channel slides into all support sections of the wiper arm.


Squeeze the metal catch on the opposite end as you pull the starter end of the blade into the last support section of the wiper arm. Make sure that it catches and holds the blade in place. This will prevent the blade from working its way out of the wiper arm over time and with use.

Windshield wiper blades come in many different configurations for various makes and models of vehicles. Some wipers can be replaced as a complete wiper arm and blade unit only. Other models offer the ability to replace the blade only, reducing the cost of replacement. It is important to ensure that the wiper arm is not bent or damaged when only replacing the blade; otherwise the new blade will not function properly.