How to Disable an '08 Ford Edge Seat-Belt Alarm


Park your Ford Edge. Make sure the parking brake is on, and the engine is off. Don't have the seat belts fastened.


Move the key to the "on" position. The flashing icon will stay on for about two minutes and then turn off.


Buckle and unbuckle a front seat belt nine times very quickly. This needs to be done within 50 seconds of the flashing icon turning off. Once the ninth buckle has been done, you'll notice the light come back on. When it turns off once more you will have up to seven seconds to buckle and unbuckle once more.


Monitor the flashing seat-belt light. It'll begin to flash again. If it flashes 12 times, you've succeeded in disarming the chime. If it doesn't flash 12 times, then repeat the process.


Remove the key and then replace and turn to "on" position. Repeat procedure on the other front seat belt.

Many newer vehicles come equipped with a chime or alarm that alerts you when someone is not buckled in their seat belt. The 2008 Ford Edge also includes a flashing icon. Though wearing your seat belt is required by law, there is a way to disarm the chiming if you prefer.