How to Find Sand Tires for a Range Rover


Find the size of your Range Rover tires. Typical rim sizes include 18-, 19- and 20-inch rims. Check the size of your rims in your Range Rover manual. Decide if you want to use tires close to stock size, or oversize tires. Stock-sized tires will not perform as well in sandy conditions, but stock-sized sand tires will perform better than regular stock tires. With sand tires, it is likely that you will often have to switch between tire types, so it is best to go with an oversize tire for better traction, if possible.


Research online or in a tire catalog the different options for sand tires for your Range Rover. Tires designed specifically for sand typically have ridges that jut out from the main part of the tire, similar to the wheel of a paddle boat. This design propels the tire through the sand without getting stuck. Look for this style of tire in a list of possible Range Rover tires.


Call mechanic shops and other tire stores to see what brands and models of tires they recommend for sand tires. Some brands to ask about include the Pirelli Scorpion Ice and Snow tires, which according to Range Rover's website, perform as well as a sand tire. Some other high rated all-terrain tires include the General Grabber AT2 tires and the Nitto Terra Grappler tires. Make sure to tell the mechanic what rim size you have, as this will change the available options.


Look online at tire reviews and forums for the opinion of people who have used the tires before. This will give you a good indication of how the tire will perform in the sand and if it is worth purchasing.


Ask the stores if they can stock the sand tires in the store. This will give you the option to look at the tires before making a purchase. The best indicator of a quality sand tire is how much traction the tire will get in sandy conditions. The wider the tire, the higher the friction, and the more uneven the surface, the better chance the tire has at pushing the vehicle through the sand without getting stuck.

Sand tires are a type of tire designed to allow a Range Rover to drive through the sand near a beach or in desert conditions. This kind of tire is essential for someone who often drives a Range Rover in sandy locations. Sand tires do not have a wide fan base like most tires you see on regular roads. However, it is possible to find the best sand tires for a Range Rover using a few research tools.