How to Get the Best Price on an Oil Change


Start by checking the newspaper or direct mail coupons - a lot of service stations and quick lube companies are actively marketing to customers.


Next, start making some phone calls to other oil change centers. For example, if you have a coupon for Jeff's Quick Lube that normally charges $31.99 for an engine oil service, and you have a $7 off coupon, tell that to George's Oil Stop when you call about their pricing. It pays to barter! In the current economy, companies are often willing to beat or match their competitors' pricing in order to stay in business.


Also, when calling around, ask about any unadvertised specials - most places have them. I just went to Wal*Mart the other day for my oil change, and they had one for $30 listed as the lowest price on their list. Then, at the very bottom of the sign in the smallest writing possible, it said there was a service for $25 if you agreed to use the Wal*Mart brand oil. Oil is oil, and $5 is a great savings!


Remember to use all of your possible avenues when trying to find a good deal. A lot of places that are garages for all types of car repairs also do oil changes. Mom-and-Pop type places are especially likely to make a deal with you in order to keep their business afloat in a shaky economy.

A lot of people will tell you that the cheapest way to change your oil is to do it yourself. While this is true, some people don't have a place to do it themselves or are physically unable. Here's how to get a good deal on your next oil change service: