How to Hook Up an ATV Winch


Guide the thick black power wire from the winch to the battery. ATV batteries are commonly installed under the seat. Use the same path as the light wiring. The light wires will lead you straight to the capacitor connected to the battery.


Mount the winch on/off switch to the handle bar using the brace attached to the switch. Loosen the screw on the brace using the screwdriver and then tighten the screw once the switch is in the place that you want it. Guide the switch wire to the battery along the same path as the other electric wires.


Loosen the converter screw on the converter. Insert the winch power wire into the converter and tighten the screw. Loosen the screw on the converter for the switch wire and insert the switch wire into the converter. Tighten the screw.


Loosen the connector on the converter labeled "Power" using the screwdriver. Place the converter onto the positive power stem on the battery and tighten the screw. Start the ATV's engine and try out your winch.

Tips and Warnings

  • On most ATVs you will need to remove some of the plastic body to gain access to the metal frame where the wires are lead from the components on the front of the ATV to the battery. This process will differ from model to model.
  • The installation process for ATV winches is different for all ATVs, but the wiring process will be almost the same. A winch is a necessity for almost every type of ATV riding. If you don't have a winch installed on your ATV you run the risk of getting stuck on the trail.