How to Install a CD Player Into a KIA Sportage


Disconnect the negative battery cable from the Kia Sprtage's battery. The negative battery cable is the black cable connecting the battery to the Sportage frame.


Remove the dash trim surrounding the stereo. Using the dash panel pry tool (or a flat screwdriver covered with a thin cloth to protect the finish of the trim panel), pry the bottom of the trim free. Unhook the clips (at the top of the panel) holding the dash panel trim in place.


Unscrew the four screws holding the stereo in the dock. The screws are at the top (two) and bottom (two) corners of the stereo.


Pull the stereo out.


Disconnect the wiring connecting the old deck to the dashboard. The wiring groups will be for the power supply, the speakers and the antenna.


Connect the wiring groups to the proper outlets on the new CD player.


Replace the stereo with a Double DIN CD player deck. The Double DIN stereo is the required size deck for the Kia Sportage. Spacers may be required to provide an appropriate fit depending on the brand of CD player. The spacers, if necessary, will lock into place around the edges of the empty dock.


Replace the screws to secure the deck into the dashboard.


Reattach the dash panel trim surrounding the stereo deck. Connect the top clips first, then the bottom.


Reconnect the negative battery cable to the negative lead of the battery.

CD player installation is a common and simple aftermarket upgrade. To install a CD player into a Kia Sportage, you can have the work done at the dealership or at an aftermarket audio retailer, or you can do it yourself.