How to Pick a Motorcycle Windshield


Access the database and select your state from the list at the bottom of the page. Search for possible motorcycle windshield requirements, using the search field in the top right portion of the page. You may also visit your state's website.


Call your motorcycle's manufacturer and ask about buying an add-on windshield. Motorcycle manufacturers sell matching add-on windshields, which are guaranteed to properly fit your particular bike model.


Measure the height of the intended windshield space, and select the appropriate size windshield for your motorcycle. Your windshield should allow you to see over the top while sitting down. Contact your manufacturer for specific sizing recommendations if necessary.


Install a slightly tinted windshield. Dark-colored tinting causes reduced visibility while driving, and very light-colored tinting allows too much sunlight exposure, which can cause blinding conditions.


Install a thick windshield. A thin windshield can easily crack from stones, heavy wind and road debris. Read the windshield specifications concerning thickness and protection. Refer to your state's requirements regarding motorcycle windshield thickness.

Tips and Warnings

  • Purchase a universal motorcycle windshield. Lightweight universal motorcycle windshields fit almost any motorcycle and allow for easy mounting directly to your bike's handle bars.
  • If you intend to do a lot of highway and long-distance cruising, you should consider purchasing a windshield for your motorcycle. Airborne objects such as bugs, cigarette butts and rocks pose a serious danger when riding at a high speed. Choosing the right motorcycle windshield provides maximum safety and comfortable riding conditions. A motorcycle windshield not only prevents you from being struck by dangerous road debris, but also reduces painful wind exposure and blinding sunlight.