How to Remove a Headlight Lens From a 1997 Ford F-350


Raise the hood of your F-350. Rest the hood on the support rod to access the headlight assembly.


Remove the mounting screws securing the headlight assembly with a Phillips head screwdriver. There are two screws at the top of the headlight assembly just inside the engine compartment.


Disconnect the electrical connection from the rear of the headlight assembly. Pull the headlight assembly out of the front of the truck.

The headlight assembly on your 1997 Ford F-350 protects the bulbs and the electrical wiring from water and other contaminants. If there is damage or discoloration in your headlight assembly, you should replace it with a new one. The assembly is accessible from within the engine compartment, saving you the cost of a repair center or dealership. Order a new headlight assembly from an auto parts retailer.