How to Ride a Sport Bike


Use a sport bike that is the right size for you. Your arms should be able to reach the bars easily and the seat should be a snug fit with your body gripping it. Never use a bike that is too big as this will be harder to control, and familiarize yourself with all the controls prior to riding.


Sit on the seat of your sport bike and grip the tank with your knees so your lower body has a firm hold on the seat. Lean forward slightly so you have easy contact with the bars.


Lean your body to the left or right into a corner to turn. The shift in weight guides the bike into the corner in the same direction as you lean. At the same time, push down lightly on the corresponding bar with your hand to turn left or right and lean as you push.


Keep your arms and hands loose and relaxed at all times to prevent accidental pressure on the bars. Sports bikes are designed with very rapid reactions and the controls are very sensitive to the rider's inputs, so maintain a light touch with your upper body and only apply pressure when you turn.


Move forward in the seat to put weight on the front tire to increase speed on straight stretches. Move back to slow down as your weight bears down on the back of the bike and causes traction, which will automatically reduce speed.


Ride your bike in safe areas such as designated tracks or unpopulated straight stretches and calculate easy distances to ride with frequent stopping points.

Knowing the basics of position and control are essential for safe riding and proper handling of your sport bike. Spending some time testing your position and controls will not only improve your performance but it could prevent you making a fatal mistake.