How to Sell a Used Car by Owner


Go on the DMV's website and print the necessary forms for selling your car by owner. You will want to print out the transfer of ownership slip. This can be filled out and signed and mailed in so there is no need to go to the DMV in person.


Print out a bill of sale. This can be done on the DMV or just by doing a search. When you sell a car a bill of sale is for your personal records and helps if there are any legal problems later.


Clean and detail your car for sale. I have sold many cars and cleaning them up makes a huge difference in the selling price. A clean car means quality for buyers and they are more likely to buy. Start by washing and detailing the outside. Then take a vacuum cleaner to the inside and wipe the entire car out with armor-all wipes.


Take clean pictures of the inside and outside of the car with a digital camera. Take a look online for professional pictures to find good angles. Selling your car yourself will be easier with good pictures, this is what initially draws people to buying your car.


Post a free ad on craigslist. Coming from someone who has sold dozens of cars, start with a free ad. Craigslist has become the first place for most people looking to buy a used cheap car. If your car is nicer, you will want to list it in an online auto ad service like auto trader. This is the de facto place for selling your car by owner.


Kelly blue book will help you find the best price for your car. Use it for free online.


When people come to look at your car, don't give in to low ballers. Tell people that you've gotten a lot of calls and that it's going to go fast so that people will start to get anxious. You might also want to read about selling techniques.


Take cash only. If they want to give you a check, go to the bank with them to make sure it clears.

Selling a used car by owner for the first time can be intimidating if you are not prepared to deal with people that do it all the time. Selling a used car is a relatively simple process because almost everything is done online these days and for almost free. The decision to spend money for ads depends on where you live and how well you can do initially without them. If you are prepared with the necessary angles for bargaining than selling your used car yourself should be a breeze.