How to Use a Reusable Air Filter For Your Car, Truck, or SUV


The first step in this process is very simple. All you have to do is go to your local auto parts store and find out which filter is right for your car, truck, or SUV. Now, buy the air filter and install it into your car. Air filters are very easy to install and if you can get confused, I am sure you can find an online internet forum to get help.


There is a drawback to using a reusable air filter. You must keep it clean. A reusable air filter is typically a multi-layer cotton filter that is sprayed with a special oil. It keeps your engine clean and also allows for very high air flow that can actually increase the performance of your engine, compared to using a standard paper filter. To keep clean, you simply rinse out the filter and gently scrub with some light cleaning solution. Then rinse well and allow to dry. Once the filter has dried, lightly spray the oil onto the filter and place back into your vehicle. They sell cleaning kits that come with a cleaning solution and the oil needed.


If you constantly repeat this step, your air filter will last forever. The brand that I use is K & N and I placed a link to their website below in the resources section. They are so confident that your new filter will last, they give every filter a one million mile warranty. That is longer than your vehicle will last! Over the long run, this is definitely the best way to save money on a necessity to keeping your engine clean and running for a long time. Not to mention the landfill space you would save from avoiding throwing away used filters. This saves you money and is even good for the environment!

One of the best ways of extending the life of your engine, other than changing the oil, is to replace the air filter. However, changing it every 15000 miles can get expensive. That is why I use a reusable air filter.