How to add a gas can filler to your farm truck


Make sure that the engine is cold. This is very important to prevent a fire.


Find the gas line and cut with tubing cutter.


Flare each end where you cut the tubing with the the flaring tool.


Install the valve onto the T and tighten.


Install the T in the gas line and tighten. Make sure the valve handle is easy to get to.


Flare a short piece of tubing and install onto the valve.


Slip the worm clamp over the length of rubber hose ( fuel line hose)and slide the hose onto the copper tubing.


Now make sure the valve is closed. Start your engine, place other end of hose in gas can and slowly open the valve.


When can is full, close the valve, remove the hose from the can and the valve. You can now continue mowing the lawn or give that neighbor a ride back to his truck.

Tips and Warnings

  • This is a early model chevy 1 ton and had a metal fuel line. You can still do the same thing on newer trucks. Just figure out what kind of fuel line you have and adjust the fittings accordingly.
  • If you have an electric fuel pump, instead of starting the engine, just switch the key to on. The battery will do the rest.
  • Before cutting the fuel line, place an old rag or towel under where you will be cutting to catch the fuel that comes out of the line
  • Absolutely no smoking!!!!!!!
  • Wear your safety glasses.
  • This little item is a life saver when you run out of chain saw gas, lawn more gas our your neighbor thinks he has enough gas to get to the station and its 10 miles to the gas station. You can always find him on the side of the road, gas can in hand.