Installation Instructions for a Pioneer Car Stereo


Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery before installing the Pioneer car stereo. Loosen the cable's clamp with the wrench and remove the cable from the battery.


Slide the Pioneer mounting sleeve into the stereo mounting dock in the dash of the vehicle.


Fold the retaining tabs on the inside of the sleeve 90 degrees with a screwdriver.


Connect the vehicle stereo wiring groups to a wiring harness adapter. The plastic connectors on the stereo wiring will plug into the leads of the harness.


Plug the wiring harness adapter leads into the the outlets on the left rear panel of the Pioneer deck. Plug the antenna cable from the vehicle into the antenna outlet on the back of the Pioneer radio.


Slide the Pioneer stereo into the mounting sleeve until the trim surrounding the face of the head unit is flush with the edge of the mounting sleeve.


Place the negative battery cable onto the negative battery terminal. Tighten the cable to the lead post with the wrench.

Pioneer car stereo decks come in a variety of models to address the needs of car stereo enthusiasts and casual listeners alike. Installation of the stereo requires that you bridge the wiring gap that may exist between your vehicle's stereo wiring and the outlets on the rear panel of the Pioneer deck. Use a wiring harness adapter to connect the stereo to the stock stereo wiring in your car, truck, SUV or van. Purchase a faceplate adapter specific to your vehicle to ensure a proper fit into your vehicle's stereo mounting dock.