Pontiac Grand Prix Car Stereo Removal


Lift the hood and loosen the bolt holding the negative battery cable to the battery terminal with the wrench. Lift the battery cable from the terminal post and set it aside. Move to the interior of the Pontiac.


Pry the clip at the back edge of the gear selector lever box from the center console with a trim-panel removal tool or pliers. Remove the center console panelling by hand.


Remove both of the screw bolts at the bottom of the stereo/climate control panel with the socket and ratchet. Grab the top of the trim panel that surrounds the stereo and climate controls and pull it away from the Pontiac's dashboard.


Remove each of the two screw bolts at the sides of the stereo bracket with the socket and ratchet. Slide the stereo from the stereo mounting dock and disconnect the stereo wiring from the outlets on the rear panel of the stereo. Unplug the antenna cable from the FM antenna outlet on the stereo unit's rear panel to complete the removal.

Tips and Warnings

  • Leave the negative battery cable disconnected from the battery if you intend to reinstall the stereo or install a new unit before operating the vehicle. If you need to operate the vehicle, or any system requiring electricity, place the negative battery cable clamp back onto the negative battery terminal and tighten the bolt on the clamp first.
  • Owners of the Pontiac Grand Prix will may eventually need to remove their factory stereo for repair or replacement. Adding an aftermarket external stereo component is another reason one might require removal of the stock head unit. You can enlist the services of a professional stereo technician to remove your stock deck or you can do it yourself in under 30 minutes for a fraction of the cost.