Harley-Davidson Sundowner Seat Specifications

Harley Davidson owners are a proud breed, with some spending hours riding along open stretches of highway. But one danger of continuous riding is the discomfort and fatigue that may come from sitting on a motorcycle seat for an extended period of time. Sundowner™ offers a variety of seat models to maximize rider comfort. There were, however, some style concerns from some Harley users.

Sundowner™ Rider Seat

This standard model improves cushioning over regular Harley Davidson seats. It features a wide bucket shape that also provides lower back support. The Rider Seat measures 13 inches in width and fits all VRSC™ Harley models after 2007, except for the VRSCF and VRSCR. It cost about $170 as of October of 2010.

Deep Bucket Seat

The Sundowner™ Sundowner Deep Bucket Seat is similar in style and design to the Rider Seat. Also meant to maximize comfort for both driver and passenger, the Deep Bucket Seat is slightly larger with a width of 14.5 inches. It cost about $230 in October of 2010 and fits all Harley models XL50th Anniversary and later. It can also fit other Harley models with a Retention Washer, which is sold separately.

Other Options

Sundowner™ also manufactures other Harley seats, including passenger pillions meant to improve comfort for the passenger only and solo seats for motorcycles that cannot accommodate passengers. Pillions solo seats, and other bucket-seat models ranged in price from $116-$290 in October of 2010.


The Motorcycle Seat Reviews website rated Sundowner Harley seats at an average of 4/5 stars, while users gave a 5/5 rating. Comments included satisfaction with claims of lasting comfort, and the reviewers at Motorcycle Seat Reviews mentioned the "excellent support, weight distribution, and the elimination of pressure points" offered with Sundowner seats. Still, some users on a Harley forum had mixed reviews. While many did agree that the Sundowner seats were comfortable, others added that they were too big, and less stylish than the original Harley seats.