How to Install a Ford Escort Gas Tank


Ensure the vehicle is resting on a jack or jack stands. You will need the clearance to be able to maneuver underneath the vehicle.


Place the tank on a second jack. You need the tank elevated halfway up to install the wiring to the fuel pump.


Install the wiring harness to the pigtail assembly on top of the tank. Push the clip into the pigtail until it snaps. This will prevent the wiring from slipping out.


Install the fuel lines. The lines are equipped with quick-connect fittings so they will lock when you push them together.


Install the fuel inlet hose. The hose goes into the back of the fuel tank from the gas cap. The hose will tighten to the tank with a standard hose clamp. Tighten with a flat-head screwdriver.


Lift the tank straight up. You can hold the tank in place with your knees while you install the straps.


Install the straps to the frame rail. Do not tighten the straps. Ensure both straps are in place.


Tighten the straps in place with a socket wrench. Ensure both straps are tight. The tank is now ready for fuel.


Add the fuel to the tank. Add at least a quarter of a tank before starting the engine.


Cycle the ignition from off to start. When you reach the start position, turn the key back to off after five seconds. This will engage the fuel pump to fill the lines with fuel.


Start the car and inspect the fuel system for leaks.


Lower the vehicle and unchock the wheel.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be sure to connect all the wiring and hoses before you strap the fuel tank in place.
  • Be careful working underneath a raised vehicle. Be sure to chock the wheels and set the parking brake if you are raising one end of the vehicle.
  • Installing the fuel tank on your Ford Escort does not have to be a problem. The tank when empty is very light and requires minimum effort to hold it in place while you tighten the straps. The hardest part is ensuring all your lines are attached before strapping it in. Be sure to give yourself adequate room to move around and keep your tools within reach to make your job easier.